Thursday, March 24, 2011

good night

OK its time to stop playing and get some paperwork done.  I will post more beads later.


 turquoise in shapes

more beautiful turquoise (Pima, Kingman,Sleeping Beauty)

greens and grey

 Green Kyanite, Peridot, Green amethyst, and lots of labradorite

purples and blues

Amethyst,Amonzite, charloite, Gaspite and smokey topaz
The biggest Tanzanite beads Ive ever seen.  Love them


 Citrine,carnelian,multicolor sapphire,ruby,garnet and if you look close some Fabulous Pink Topaz
Big Fat Rubys.  I bought the irregular faceted ones this yer.  I cant wait to use them


 Aquamarine,Appetite, Kyanite and sapphires
 Iolight, Chalcedony and Peruvian Opals.  Love the Opals
Big Fat Peruvian opals


I am working in almost exclusively Sterling, Gold, copper and enamel.  I still LOVE beads.  I love all gemstones.  I buy most of my beads in Tucson in February during the Gem and Mineral show.  Here are some of my favorite beads I have collected over the last20years. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


OK... I started to clean but I did not get to far. The dogs turned the temp down on the hot water heater (dont ask) so I only have room temp water. I guess I could do other things while Im waiting for the water to heat up. oh.. I think that is A&E Horders at my front door now. Maybe they brought some help to clean!!!

lazy day

I should be making jewelry as this is mt last day off for awhile. Instead, I am making dolls. I started a recycled art show in Farimington MN almost 10 years ago. I really did it for purely selfish reasons. I was working for Farmington Clean and Beautiful at the time and we had yearly awards. They were boring and even the winning recipients did not want to attend the awards event. I was working in mostly recycled materials at the time, so I came up with the idea of having the awards coordinate with a recycled art show. It was a huge success. since then the show has moved to several different locations. it has been at the Feet of Clay for the last few years. II have made recycled jewelry over the last several years and I am out of ideas!! This year I wanted to do something different. My mother gave me a sewing machine several years ago that I had not used. I got it out on Monday and began to make dolls out of old clothing.

Now my house is littered with clothing, thread, scraps and stuffing. I woke up today with the intentions of getting my house clean and making jewelry. I have had 2 naps and watched 2 re runs of sunny in philly! now the day is almost over and I have nothing done!

Monday, March 21, 2011

more jewelry..way past bed time

 enamel disks and hand forged sterling chain
 enamel disk in sage and robins egg blue...yum
Kyanite and sterling

gem mix and sterling

I need a light box

New blog

first post on my new blog.  I hope to use this as a diary of my jewelry as I transition from a full time Nurse to full time artist!!  My goal is to be designing/creating jewelry full time within 2 years. I hope this blog will help light a fire under my ass and get me moving.  I was in Santa Fe This weekend and had 4 gallery's ask if I was interested in showing my jewelry with them just based on what I was wearing!  Now I need to make some jewelry to submit to them.  No sleep for me!