Friday, September 27, 2013

our apt in Paris

Brian and I will be heading to Europe in a few days.  We will spend a week in Germany and then 8 days in France.  Oh La La.  I cant wait.  I LOVE France.  I have arranged for personal shoppers to give use a tour of all the fleas around Paris.  I cant wait to see what I find!!  Here are a few pix of our apartment we will be staying in.  It  will be so nice unwind in our private courtyard!  It is much cheaper to rent an apartment that it is to stay in a chain hotel.  Who wants to go to France and stay in a hotel that looks just like the one down the street from your house?  Not me.  When in Rome right?

BathroomDining aeraroom space

Ill post some on the Art Fair soon. Saturday was Amazing and Sunday was a disaster.  Flash Flood and hail storm!!! Hail the size of my head (OK maybe not that big)  but they were huge!! All my stuff was soaked and I had to make the hour drive home soaking wet.  No Fun!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Little House

I have been beyond busy.  Teaching at Bead Fest in Philly, then returning home to do all the work for #craftingfortheemmys, and getting new work for ready for the Durango Art Fair.  Its 11:30PM.  I just got the car packed and ready to go.  I need to leave at around 4AM to finish getting ready and drive to Durango Colorado.  

I wanted to have more cast animals for this show, but I just could not pull it off.  I did make several new pieces with the SLK Art Mechanic blanks.  Im happy with the way they turned out.  I will post more later along with pix of the Art Fair.  But for is one little house.  I used old french text and enamel.  The other side has watercolor adhered to the blank.  It has a gloss finish and I just could not get a good photo. 

If your in the Durango area, stop by and say hi.  If not...Check out all the excitements with the Emmy's!!!

#craftingtheemmys charms

A few charms I made for the Emmys. To keep up with all the excitment go to Ice resin blog.  You will find a link to the twitter chat so you can Hear about tomorrows event and a link to the instagram site to SEE the excitment

Monday, September 16, 2013

Durango Autumn Arts Festival

I have been working like a fool (I know your saying...but Sandy, you are already a fool) I know, but can you believe it can get worse!!! My house is a wreck, my finger nails are an embarrassment to even the grimiest of mechanics and I have bags under my eyes large enough to pack for Europe! (eye on the prize)  
I was jurried into this show before the dates for my European trip was planned otherwise I don't think I would have attempted to tackle it in the midst of Emmys, Work and vacation preparation.  THAT SAID.. I have been trying to create new and beautiful pieces for this show.  I will have mostly enamel and metal work, but Ive got a few resin pieces I'm really liking right now.  

Here is some information on the show and a link to the website:
Durango Arts Center presents the 19th Annual Durango Autumn Arts Festival on Second Avenue in Historic Downtown Durango. This outdoor Fine Arts and Crafts show features 80 juried artisans from around the country, exhibiting works including painting, sculpture, glass, photography, jewelry and ceramics.
Festival Facts:
  • 80 juried artist booths
  • 6th–9th Street on Second Avenue will be closed to street traffic
  • Children’s art activities
  • Free admission
  • Free trolley on Main Street, Saturday
  • Live music on stage all weekend including the Pete Giuliani Band with Pete Giuliani as lead guitarist and vocalist, African Drumming by Akeem Ayanniyi of Agalu from Santa Fe and our local Stillwater group called Durango Drums led by Vanessa Morgan and others still TBA.
  • Chef Jocelyn Skill of Skillfully Decadent Desserts serving up out of this world pastries
  • Local brew!

September 21 & 22, 2013

If your in the neighborhood, please stop by and say hi.  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Google Hangout

You can check out our Emmys Google Hangout from Saturday.  Soooo Exciting.  The 65th Emmys will be held on Saturday and you DONT want to miss the big Ice Resin Reveal!!! I will be part of the Durango Co Autumn Art Fair on Saturday and Sunday so I have to miss the Emmys!  awhhhhhh  And I had a great outfit picked out hehe.  If any of you know me you know I dont OWN a "great outfit"  (again my husband claims I dress like Im in cirque du soleil! if only!!!)

If you use #craftingtheemmys , #CHAsway,  or  #iceresin.  You can see all the excitment going on!! 

Im going to be crazy busy over the next week but Im going to try to post as much as I can, but use the hastags and you will see everything!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Emmy Bracelets Final product

Emmy Bracelets Choosing the Gemstomes

Choosing gemstones and beads for the Bracelets

Here I used aquamarine, pearls and Amnozite.

This "girly" one I used Pink Peruvian Opal, pearls, and swarsky Crystals.  I also added  Connie Crystal to the mix!

 This is a mix of Amethyst, Green Garnet, Green Coral and Charolite

My "process!!!

I worked so hard on each piece.
Nancy tried to keep he awake

 But this is how I looked by the time the sun came up the next day!

How it all started

It all Started with a a big box of Goodies from Ice Resin

Twitter really gets me!

Just joined Twitter so I can be part of thr Twitter chat.  This is the E mail I recieved from Twitter:

Suggestions for you

sexylimonsexylimon @benimleol1
Bazi seyler ozel kalmaliki daha cok arzu edilsin:) skype: sanem.eksi

SeviskenSevisken @Seviskenimkiz

bayan memenizzz:))))bayan memenizzz:)))) @melikemuck

This is who they think I fit best with! really? these are my peeps?  not the kookie silly artist types but the T& A?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Emmy Ice Resin Twitter Chat

Twitter Chat at 7 PM PST This Saturday 9-7-13

Chat with the ICE Resin Creative Team as we reveal our top secret gifts! We've been working hard, annealing, resinating, and cold enameling to bring you an amazing array of uniquely inspiring mixed media jewelry pieces. See what we're putting in the celeb gift bags at the Prime time Emmys Gifting Suite Party!

Our designers will explain how they made each piece - ask them questions and learn how to create these pieces for yourself!  You could make the jewelry of the stars!!! 

We are going to have a blast, so put on a good movie on for the kids, put the dogs up, pour yourself a glass of wine (Ill be having Chai!)and come to the party.   Your first chance to get a good look at the beautiful creations from the Ice Resin Design team. Its just a bonus that we are all pretty good party guests!! cant wait to see you there.  

I will have post's on my blog to coincide with the Twitter chat.  My first chat, how exciting.  Follow me on my blog and or twitter to be sure you don't miss it

Bead Fest Student Work

Mrs BJ Kennedy was kind enough to send me pix of her work.  She made an Amazing Ring but I don't see it pictured here.  She made lots of great pieces to work with.

Thanks BJ

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stampington Hau!!!!

I think once a year,  Stamping has a huge blow sale on back issues. This year was Aug 9th.   I set my alarm to remind me and it went of at 1145PM. The Sale ended at Midnight. I rushed frantically to choose the ones I wanted.  Even with the limited time,  I was still able to pick up a few Things

My box weighed over 50 pounds!
but look what I got!

Nancy is wondering what the heck is going on!

My box arrived the day I returned for teaching at bead fest.  This is the only time the box has been opened.  I have dreams of my husband taking me to his Families Cabin in La Plata mountains in  Colorado and leave me there for the winter.  It snows so much once your in, your not getting out. I have dreams of taking all my art supplies and just working uninterrupted.  Since the magazines have arrived, my dream of being locked away all winter has become More appealing.  I could make art during the day and read at night.  I guess ill have o wait until I'm in a nursing home to have some free time to read them!!!
While reviewing my packing sheet, I realized My sisters birthday was Aug 9th!!! I had to call and give my condolences. If she liked art, I would giver her a stack of fabulous magazines!!!

Go to stampington and get on the e mail. they send out news letter once a weak and give heads up on sales like this.

Cant wait to start flipping through them!