Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Design Team

I am so excited to announce I am on the 2015 ICE resin design team.  I love creating with ICE resin and I have great love for this company. I have been working with this product since 2006, when I purchased my first 1 oz syringe.  I love the diversity of this unique product.  A beginner can use it to make beautiful bezels just as easy as a professional artist can use it  to create works of art.  
I am hopeful as I look forward to 2015 and my position on the team.  As a team member, we are require to create projects throughout the year.   I like this kind of creating.  I like being given a task and coming up with a creative way to meet it.  I am so busy with my job and family, I tend to neglect my creative life.  When I treat it like a job, I am able to push myself.  I hope I can make the design team and the Ice resin staff proud.....and I hope I can meet all my deadlines!!!

Happy creating to all of you in the coming year.