Friday, May 17, 2013

Guess whos in Belle Armoire

Go check out the new BAJ on news stands June 1st.  It is a beautiful edition.  Not just because I'm in it, well that's PART of it.  It has great jewelry from so many talented artists.  Each edition is better that the last! Dont forget to get the issue that is on stands now, as Jen Cushman is the designer collection for the spring issue!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sweet Bird

waiting sandymartin iceresin

Here is my sweet Ice resin bird in her bronze nest.  I was inspired by this beautiful piece of wood.  I wanted to add something to it but I did not want to obscure the texture of the beautiful grain.  I cast this bird some time ago and she has just been sitting in my studio waiting for a place to land!  I colored the bird with gilders paste.  Keep checking the Ice resin blog for video posts on surface patinas for cast pieces. 


My apologies to the super six!!

I know it has been some time (OK a LONG time) since my last post.  Here are my excuses:

In Feb. went to Tucson for the gem and Mineral show. I was able to stay for 10 days this year!  This was my 12th year to attend and I must say the best year ever.   I had a blast with the Ice Resin Gang.  I was also blessed to meet up with my dear friend Claire, who I met in France last year.  So Tucson was a great success. I took lots of pictures with the plat to share them with you.
    When I returned home from Tucson, my computer was not working very well.  My husband says its because "ITS NOT A COMPUTER ANYMORE...ITS PARTS FOR RECYCLED JEWELRY!!!"   Im not so great at learning new technology so I put off getting a new computer in hopes that my poor laptop would some how fix itself.  alas, that did not happen. 
     In march, I began to encounter a landslide of medical problems.  I was still creating during this time,  I just couldn't put any energy into getting a new computer and learning windows 8.  Each time I attempted to upload a pix, my computer would crash.  The battery is so shot, it has to stay plugged in or it wont work.  Now it is to the point where if I move it a centimeter, or breath in too deep, it shuts off.  I have it balancing on my nightstand in a precarious position and can no longer get to the SD slot!  So I cant even upload any new pictures.  So whats the sense of posting?   You want to SEE what Ive made not READ about what I made.  I prefer blogs with lots of pictures not lots of rambling..(so Ill wrap it up quick)
My husband surprised me last week with the promise that a new computer was on its way soon.  I have received emails pushing the delivery date back twice!  The new promised delivery date is 5-13.  So give me a year or so to figure out windows 8 and ill be posting

So, My apologies to you super six people who follow my blog!  I Promise I will get new pix up soon.I have some exciting new to share soon!!!