Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sweet Bird

waiting sandymartin iceresin

Here is my sweet Ice resin bird in her bronze nest.  I was inspired by this beautiful piece of wood.  I wanted to add something to it but I did not want to obscure the texture of the beautiful grain.  I cast this bird some time ago and she has just been sitting in my studio waiting for a place to land!  I colored the bird with gilders paste.  Keep checking the Ice resin blog for video posts on surface patinas for cast pieces. 



  1. The cutest bird! And in the prettiest surroundings! :-)
    Someday you´ll have to teach me how to cast those ICEresin-shapes. Even though I took a course, I still haven´t really figured it out.

  2. Beautiful bird, nest and wood! Wow - you've taken this medium to a whole new level! Good luck with the new computer - it can make all the difference!

  3. Nice to see you posting again. That sculpture was very impressive when i saw it at Feat of Clay.

  4. I love your bird and her nest and tree! She glows! Adorable and very Sandy!!
    Thinking of you and hoping you are feeling good!
    I'll send an email sometime soon!



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