Saturday, May 11, 2013

My apologies to the super six!!

I know it has been some time (OK a LONG time) since my last post.  Here are my excuses:

In Feb. went to Tucson for the gem and Mineral show. I was able to stay for 10 days this year!  This was my 12th year to attend and I must say the best year ever.   I had a blast with the Ice Resin Gang.  I was also blessed to meet up with my dear friend Claire, who I met in France last year.  So Tucson was a great success. I took lots of pictures with the plat to share them with you.
    When I returned home from Tucson, my computer was not working very well.  My husband says its because "ITS NOT A COMPUTER ANYMORE...ITS PARTS FOR RECYCLED JEWELRY!!!"   Im not so great at learning new technology so I put off getting a new computer in hopes that my poor laptop would some how fix itself.  alas, that did not happen. 
     In march, I began to encounter a landslide of medical problems.  I was still creating during this time,  I just couldn't put any energy into getting a new computer and learning windows 8.  Each time I attempted to upload a pix, my computer would crash.  The battery is so shot, it has to stay plugged in or it wont work.  Now it is to the point where if I move it a centimeter, or breath in too deep, it shuts off.  I have it balancing on my nightstand in a precarious position and can no longer get to the SD slot!  So I cant even upload any new pictures.  So whats the sense of posting?   You want to SEE what Ive made not READ about what I made.  I prefer blogs with lots of pictures not lots of rambling..(so Ill wrap it up quick)
My husband surprised me last week with the promise that a new computer was on its way soon.  I have received emails pushing the delivery date back twice!  The new promised delivery date is 5-13.  So give me a year or so to figure out windows 8 and ill be posting

So, My apologies to you super six people who follow my blog!  I Promise I will get new pix up soon.I have some exciting new to share soon!!!


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