Sunday, January 29, 2012

new necklace for me

I sent a piece to Jen Cushman after reading her book on Ice Resin.  I really liked the way the piece came out so I decided to make one for myself.  

 again I cast Legs with Ice Resin.  I used some oil paint to patina the legs and painted the shoes pink. (gotta love a pink heal!)
 I used Aquamarine, pyrite, garnet and appetite in various cuts and shapes
 I made the skirt with lots to teal, garnet, grey and robins egg blue thread and ribbon.  I love these colors
 I sewed several layers of ribbon together for the back
 When worn, she looks like she is dancing.  Her legs sway with movement
 I made a bunch of sterling bead caps and stamped "love", "hope" and "life"on them.  I thought they worked well with these rough garnet nuggets.

 I aged all the silver I used to wire wrap.  I age all my wire first as I found...much to my dismay, that if you try to age it in place around ribbon, it will erode the ribbon.  I use silver/black to age silver.  I don't know if it does it to all ribbon, but it defiantly MELTS organza!!! I hand a beautiful piece completed and decided the silver was to shiny so I added some silver/black and the ribbon melted into a lump of gooey yuck!!!my piece fell apart. I now patina first and then clean it in baking soda to stop any further action on the metal.
 close up of silver bead cap

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

messy stuido

I have been ashamed of my studio for some time,but the humiliation and sick feelings really struck me after watching Cat Kerrs beautiful video that highlights her studio.  I have had my studio cleaned on SEVERAL occasions,(like twice!)  but it just doesn't seem to stay that way!  I will get it all clean and organized.  I love working in it after it has been cleaned.  No cussing, no tripping over stuff, every thing in its place.....but after about a few days of work, its back to the same old mess.  I have improved on cleaning up after myself.  (I at least put tools away)

 Beading area
 Enamel/Silversmithing area. I cant even work hear anymore!
 unfinished projects pileing up on my desk!  Im hoping that by posting this I will be sefecentaly embarrased and do something about it!  I have to work all week but I do have saturday off.  This will be my only day off before going to Tucson to buy MORE stuff to cram in my studio.  So my hope is to clean on Saturday so my new treasures have a nice place to come home to.

I do have some clean areas of the studio.  I did not photograph those areas becuase Im not embarrased by them!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cat's Baby

I finished another piece with my Ice Resin cast pieces.  I made this piece for Cat Kerr as she won a drawing on my blog.  I hope she likes it

I bought a new camera in hopes of getting brighter, more clear pix.  This camera has done a better job that the old one but my Tungsten bulbs blew and I had to use normal bulbs.  Boy what a difference!  So sorry for the poor lighting.  The gem stones are beautiful in person.  The Pictures also cane out in the wrong order.  I dont know how to fix that!

 Rough Garnet, Green Garnet, Muslin and a thick twig as the clasp
 The Baby up close.  I used Van Dyke brown paint to give it some age.  I also used some chain from Industrial chic.  I just used Jax green to patina it.
 The baby hangs form a steel ring (a found car part. not sure what it is called).  I used some gem quality Citrine.
 a full shot of the piece.  I only cast part of one leg.  The doll does have both legs, but I thought this made it more interesting.

 Because the back of the doll was flat and lacked interest, I mod podged some old text from an 1860's encyclopedia.  I think the text is about color theory!

Cat makes such beautiful jewelry herself, it was hard to decide what to do for her.  Its hard for me to gift jewelry to a jewelry designer.   Hope she likes it.

Now Joan, I need your address so I can send you something special!

Shes got legs

So I finished my piece today.  Im pretty happy with it.  I used some gemstones, roman glass, leather, fabric, SLK Industrial Chic and some Inspiration from Jen Cushmans Book Explore, Create, Resinate: Mixed Media Techniques Using ICE Resin.


Monday, January 16, 2012

New Ice Resin Piece

I have been working on casting Ice Resin.  I have had this great pair of porcelain legs for years.  Im not sure what they are from.  The have a Hallmark "Germany" on the back.  Anyway, I have wanted to use them but was not sure how.  Now with Ice Resin, I can keep the original and use the cast in several different ways.

 Here are the Original legs and the mold
 Close Up of the legs.  I stained them with some dark brown paint and painted the shoes pink
 Shot looking up her skirt
I don't know why this one is sideways.  I will finish and post the completed necklace tomorrow.  I have some green Garnet, watermelon tourmaline and some chain and clasp I received in my goodie box from a drawing on  Ice Resin to finish it off.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Encaustic

 I bought Olive a book on circus performers. (mostly so I could use the images)  I have made a few pieces...The fat lady, the Chinese acrobats drinking tea while hanging from a wire and one of a boy climbing a tree.   Im not done with them yet, but here are the acrobats.

I am obsessed with color and rarely leave color out of any piece of work, However, this image just begged to be left alone.  I could not come up with a way of incorporating color into the piece with out distracting from it. so I used zink white wax and then added black oil pastels for contrast.  It may have worked with sepia color.  I'm happy with the piece.  I am currently etching a plate to place at the top of the piece.  I have several in the acid and we will see which one turns out the best.  I have ""just hanging around"  kinda lame....I have "one lump or two" kinda funny because I imagine the one hanging upside down pouring the tea will fall and crack his skull.  I have "just me and the boys"  kinda OK because the are so manly hanging from there long hair and drinking tea.  and I have "Is this decaf"  again OK.  kinda funny that he would need to hoist himself up and go prepare another pot on decaf tea.  If you have any good one liners to place on the piece, let me know.  I'm not married to any of the above.  I started them late at night so I might not like any of them n the morning.  But I will have a metal (silver) plate with something witty on the top left of the piece before it is complete!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


so I have purchased my plane ticked and sent in my money for artfest 2012.  I am sooo excited.  This is an art retreat I have been dreaming of for many years (about 13!!)  As this is the last year, I figures I better just do it.  Work has caused so much stress and grief in my life lately... an art retreat is just what the doctor ordered!  It is not for several months, but It gives me something to look forward to.  I signed up for the charm swap.  I need to make 35 charms before the retreat.  I have some Ideas, but as Tucson Gem and Mineral show is coming up.. I am going to wait and see if I find anything inspiring to use there. 
Ohh glorious Tucson.  Tucson has become my one annual reprieve from my crazy schedule.  But 2012 will bring more creative outlets! (it has too!!)  ARTFEST is already in the works and today I am working on decorating my envelope to mail my registration for Art Unraveled!