Monday, January 16, 2012

New Ice Resin Piece

I have been working on casting Ice Resin.  I have had this great pair of porcelain legs for years.  Im not sure what they are from.  The have a Hallmark "Germany" on the back.  Anyway, I have wanted to use them but was not sure how.  Now with Ice Resin, I can keep the original and use the cast in several different ways.

 Here are the Original legs and the mold
 Close Up of the legs.  I stained them with some dark brown paint and painted the shoes pink
 Shot looking up her skirt
I don't know why this one is sideways.  I will finish and post the completed necklace tomorrow.  I have some green Garnet, watermelon tourmaline and some chain and clasp I received in my goodie box from a drawing on  Ice Resin to finish it off.

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