Sunday, January 29, 2012

new necklace for me

I sent a piece to Jen Cushman after reading her book on Ice Resin.  I really liked the way the piece came out so I decided to make one for myself.  

 again I cast Legs with Ice Resin.  I used some oil paint to patina the legs and painted the shoes pink. (gotta love a pink heal!)
 I used Aquamarine, pyrite, garnet and appetite in various cuts and shapes
 I made the skirt with lots to teal, garnet, grey and robins egg blue thread and ribbon.  I love these colors
 I sewed several layers of ribbon together for the back
 When worn, she looks like she is dancing.  Her legs sway with movement
 I made a bunch of sterling bead caps and stamped "love", "hope" and "life"on them.  I thought they worked well with these rough garnet nuggets.

 I aged all the silver I used to wire wrap.  I age all my wire first as I found...much to my dismay, that if you try to age it in place around ribbon, it will erode the ribbon.  I use silver/black to age silver.  I don't know if it does it to all ribbon, but it defiantly MELTS organza!!! I hand a beautiful piece completed and decided the silver was to shiny so I added some silver/black and the ribbon melted into a lump of gooey yuck!!!my piece fell apart. I now patina first and then clean it in baking soda to stop any further action on the metal.
 close up of silver bead cap

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  1. Delicious!! Every inch...a feast for the eyes and heart.Hugs,Cat


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