Tuesday, January 24, 2012

messy stuido

I have been ashamed of my studio for some time,but the humiliation and sick feelings really struck me after watching Cat Kerrs beautiful video that highlights her studio.  I have had my studio cleaned on SEVERAL occasions,(like twice!)  but it just doesn't seem to stay that way!  I will get it all clean and organized.  I love working in it after it has been cleaned.  No cussing, no tripping over stuff, every thing in its place.....but after about a few days of work, its back to the same old mess.  I have improved on cleaning up after myself.  (I at least put tools away)

 Beading area
 Enamel/Silversmithing area. I cant even work hear anymore!
 unfinished projects pileing up on my desk!  Im hoping that by posting this I will be sefecentaly embarrased and do something about it!  I have to work all week but I do have saturday off.  This will be my only day off before going to Tucson to buy MORE stuff to cram in my studio.  So my hope is to clean on Saturday so my new treasures have a nice place to come home to.

I do have some clean areas of the studio.  I did not photograph those areas becuase Im not embarrased by them!

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  1. Oh my ..you are soooo lucky to have an area for soldering and enamel work.My station is in the garage since I cant torch in my art space...too much can catch on fire..eek!!
    I just had to post about my present today..stop by and see.Big Hugs,Cat


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