Monday, April 30, 2012

Cloth paper scissors. submission

As I have said many times recently, 2012 will (is) my year for change.  My goal is to get my work out to a wider audience, connect with other artist and expand my creativity.  Soooo...I found a call for artwork last night on cloth paper scissors.  I love this mag and get it often, Ive just never thought of submitting art work.  So I stayed up all night and and made 2 bras. (oh yea the deadline was today!)
 I forged them out of wire and used Ice resin paper for one and some scraps of cloth for the other.  What do you think?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sneak Peak at art walk Deck

Ive been neglectful in posting, but Im going to try to improve.   I am on the board of the downtown artwalk committee.  We host an artwalk 4 x a year in an attempt to bring peopll to our downtown and give artists exposure.    My job on the committee is to organize a fundraiser each summer.  With MUCH help from Liz Stannard, we are close to having the show complete.  This year we choose 50+  artist to each make a single card (as in a playing card)  As it is New Mexico's 100th birthday, we decided to incorporate that into the theme.  We collected all the cards over the last few weeks and Elizabet Isenburg photographed all of them on Tuesday.  She will edit them and get them ready to be sent off so we can have REAL decks of cards printed.  We received 54 great pieces of art.  The will all be on display for the summer art walk at Andrea Kristinas book store and Kafe and will sell for $50 each (what a bargain)  I have my eye on several pieces! patrons can also by the entire deck printed in playing card size.  Yea.

I cant show all the cards.  But I will give a sneak peak of my son, husbands and my own,

 I had the queen of hearts.  I made a small handbag with an image of Georgia Okeeffe on the front and one of her paintings on the back. (oh yea..The inside pocket has an image of her as an older woman.  The piece is entitled "Old Bag"  
As each piece MUST be 8x10 I was not sure how it was going to hang with the strap.  
I did a 2nd piece

Back of bag
Front of bag

inside pocket
above are Brian and Sids pieces.  Brian had the 7 of spades.  It looks so cool in person.  The 7 and the spade are textured and raised.  He has the Zia symbol in the center.  
Sidney had the Joker.  He struggled with this to make it fit with the New Mexico Centennial theme  Until he discovered the clown image in most native American religions.  The Clown plays a very important roll in Native American religion.  Learn More here.  He chose to use the Hopi koshari Clown.  Once he learned they are often crude and gluttonous, he was sold!
I hope you can all make it to the show in June.  The cards are great, and the money is for a good cause (support more art walks!!)

My second piece is just  wall hanging with an older image of Georgia.  It really is an 8x10 it just photographed a bit wonkey

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sid in the News paper

My son Sidney has a write up in the Farmington Daily Times today.  Im so proud of him.  Sidney went to rehab almost 6 months ago.  His first day out of treatment, I signed he and I up for an encaustic class. I was concerned about him and wanted to give him something to do on his first day of "freedom"   He was a natural.  He was doing things that impressed the teacher!!!  Since that class, Sid has really immersed himself in creating art.  He has gone back to his first love, wood carving.  But he has added clay, encaustic and mixed media to his media!  He has been invited to have 2 art shows since that first encaustic class.  His most recent was during the Spring Art walk.  Im so very proud of him.  He is close to celebrating 6 months of sobriety.  Sidney has used art as a way to express himself and I could no be prouder.  Congrats Sidney.  I love you