Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I dont even know where to start.  Artfest was AMAZING!  I need a few days to process my experience before I can even post on the past week.  I had such great roommates, teachers, classmates and friends.  I met so many amazing people.  I will post lots of pix and more stories soon.  I have not even unpacked my crap from my car!  I did bring in all my trades and my purchases from vendor night. But I have not had a chance to even look thru them.  I wish Artfest would have last forever.  Im not ready to get back to my real life!


  1. I know! Going back to real life has been tough! It was so wonderful meeting you. You make some of the most amazing jewelry I have ever seen! Wowza! I am currently trying to make something from the beads you gave me. I will keep you posted. Hugs!

  2. I finally got back home today, and still feel the same about ARTFEST as you do. Maybe not overwhelmed, but certainly inspired. Lucky me, who was your room-mate! I´m so glad we met! :-)


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