Monday, April 9, 2012

Artfest 2012 art work

one of the things I LOVED about artfest was getting new artwork.  I had a grand time at vendor night.  I spent most of the night  helping susan lenart kazmer at her booth, however I did have enough time to run around and empty my wallet of all my saved pennies!  I got some great jewelry, figurines and paintings from Sunny Caravalho.  I purchased a sweet painting from Mindy Lacefield.  I cherish the steam punk bunny and ceramic tile I purchased from clarissa callesen.  My dream of owning a Junker Jane doll finally came true . And I got the coolest necklace from Keely Benkey Designs(I wore it for Easter)

The problem with getting new artwork means that I now need to find a space for it!  I dont spend a lot of money on myself, but I NEVER regret buying art, jewelry and art supplies.  I feel these are necessity's!  I keep explaining to my family that these are INVESTMENTS.  who needs a 401 K when you have a house full of art and a closet full of jewelry? (Ill have the best decorated box under the bridge if Im ever homeless!)

So here are a few homes I found for my new work.
 Clarissa Callesen (Janet Burns encaustic under it)
 Sunnys "Spider Girl"
Mindy Lacefields painting (my encaustic on the right)

 Junker Janes Doll next to londons clay masks
Clarissas bunny and Sunnys "sweet baby" on the wall with Lynden St. Victor


  1. You've got quite the gallery going on! Isn't it awesome owning artwork from people you know. I love that.

  2. Don't you just love it!? Oh my goodness, Sandy, we have similar tastes. I also bought from Sunny, Mindy, and Junker Jane and Keely Benkey!

  3. Your house is probably the most interesting one on the block. Looks like you found great places to hang your new art!

  4. Congrats on all the amazing treasures you picked up!!You are one lucky duck!!Hugs,Cat

  5. You really scored some treasures! And I mean, not just the ones you bought, but the mix of others´ and your own art.


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