Monday, April 30, 2012

Cloth paper scissors. submission

As I have said many times recently, 2012 will (is) my year for change.  My goal is to get my work out to a wider audience, connect with other artist and expand my creativity.  Soooo...I found a call for artwork last night on cloth paper scissors.  I love this mag and get it often, Ive just never thought of submitting art work.  So I stayed up all night and and made 2 bras. (oh yea the deadline was today!)
 I forged them out of wire and used Ice resin paper for one and some scraps of cloth for the other.  What do you think?


  1. You are awesome my friend...these are jaw dropping!! Love Love Love them!! C.P.S better look you come!!xoxoxo

  2. I´ll tell you what I think!
    I love them!
    I think they are stinkin´, rockin´, freakin´ cool!
    That´s what I think!

  3. LOVE them! Dang, everybody's having so much fun with the ice resin! I've got to try that stuff. Good for you to get your work OUT there!!!

  4. How fantastic! I'm glad you're submitting these. Please also consider submitting an article proposal!
    Jenn Mason
    Cloth Paper Scissors Editor

  5. Looove your little bras! So cute!



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