Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sid in the News paper

My son Sidney has a write up in the Farmington Daily Times today.  Im so proud of him.  Sidney went to rehab almost 6 months ago.  His first day out of treatment, I signed he and I up for an encaustic class. I was concerned about him and wanted to give him something to do on his first day of "freedom"   He was a natural.  He was doing things that impressed the teacher!!!  Since that class, Sid has really immersed himself in creating art.  He has gone back to his first love, wood carving.  But he has added clay, encaustic and mixed media to his media!  He has been invited to have 2 art shows since that first encaustic class.  His most recent was during the Spring Art walk.  Im so very proud of him.  He is close to celebrating 6 months of sobriety.  Sidney has used art as a way to express himself and I could no be prouder.  Congrats Sidney.  I love you


  1. Congratulations to Sidney! His work looks really interesting, so I hope you´ll post more pictures from the exhibition.

  2. What a gift you have given him to share your passion for art. He looks to be well on his way in the creative world. Wishing him much success and congratulations for all that he has accomplished so far!

  3. This piece is SO expressive! I'd love to see what else he is exhibiting. Wishing him luck at his show! :)


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