Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cast Baby

I have been conflicted all day on how to hang the pendant from the necklace.  I tried several different connections, but non of them looked right.  Thanks to SLK's book I came up with a solution.  Not really a "Cold Connection" because it took some heat, but I already had the pendant complete and I could not apply much heat due to the resin and paper.  I am happy with the final outcome.  I just need to sew a little bag for it and Ill be done. 

My next project is a cast resin squirrel.  Its so cute.  I made a mold of a small porcelain squirrel that a patents  gave me.  I have a strand of "nut" beads I think I will incorporate.  It a strand of assorted nuts, drilled for stringing!  It should be a fun piece

My Valentine present

Brian made be a beautiful metal butterfly for valentines day.  Its funny because I dont usually like butterfly's but tonight when he arrived with my gift, I was working on a butterfly necklace!  I have been hording a piece of metal I found years ago that is shaped like a butterfly.  well enough about my project...Hear is my cool new sculpture

A cool display as well!

WIP pendant

I love befunky.com.  Its so easy to use!  Still thinking of a creative way to attach the pendant to the necklace.


Here are a few pix of a new piece Im working on.  I cast an old plastic baby doll in Ice Resin.  I found a really cool rusted lid in the parking lot at one of the gem shows in Tucson.  I used some old Ice Resin paper and a piece of mica.  I like the pendant but I need a clever way to attach it to the necklace.  For the necklace, I used some beautiful creamy yellow honey jade, deep blue appetite and some rough garnet.  Im hooked on the rough Garnet at the moment.  It is so lovely.  At first glance, it looks very unassuming, plain, and ordinary.  But when you start to explore, you find deep vibrant color.  In the sunlight, it glows.  


3:23 AM and Im calling quits!

Its late and I can barely keep my peepers open, but I wanted to get a few pix my finished necklace.  Im pretty happy with the way it turned out.  I used a link of bike chain as a bail.  I like the look, but the piece was sliding back and forth and would not stay centered.  I wrapped it with a piece of bronze wire and Viola! it stays put and looks cool.  Im a huge fan of SLK's "birds nest wire"  technique.  Ive been doing a variation of this for years, but after taking her class, I cant stop using it.  It just gives a simple wire wrap a cool look.  Thanks Susan for sharing

Sunday, February 12, 2012

work in progress

I found a use for some of my patina pieces.  I got some really great vintage brass chain in Tucson I think I will add and a Few yummy gem stones and I will be done.

Im currently casting one more pair of legs in resin.  I gave away the necklace I made for my self, so I need to make another one.  I need to get some new work done for some local galleries.  I was asked to bring work to a few galleries in Santa Fe last summer.  I just cant seem to get enough work done.  I have given away the last few pieces I have made, so I need to keep this one!
I will post the finished piece tomorrow

Be funky

I found a cool sight for editing photos.  http://www.befunky.com.  Im not very good a photographing my jewelry and Im even worse at editing!  This program has some cool effects and it is very easy to use.  I was able to upload a picture, edit it and save it.  If Im able to do that then it MUST be easy to use!


This year in Tucson, I bought lots of Bronze pieces and parts. Historically, Ive been a sterling silver girl.  I have only used silver, gold or found objects in my work, but due to the skyrocketing price of silver, I have had to rethink some of my designs.  I will continue to use sterling silver, because I love it, but I need an alternative.  
So I have spent part of the day trying to patina some of the Bronze pieces I picked up in Tucson.  I'm pretty happy with the way they are turning out.  

I used Jax Green as a patina.  I think some of the pieces are finished, but some need more work.  Im going to try ammonia next.  It gives the brass a really cool blue color.  We will see what happens.  Now I need to make some jewelry with all this stuff!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

a few things fromTucson

I came home from Tucson and had to get right back to work.  I dont know why I never learn....I should ALWAYS take a week off after Tucson to play with all my new goodies...or at least a few days to unpack and put them up.  I think I may have a few free hours over the weekend to unpack and attempt to organize my new supplies.  Here are a few pix the stuff from one of the bags I just dumped out on my bed. I have 2 back packs full and 2 large cloth bags full. an one smaller bag of just jewelry I bought for myself.  I bought 3 really cool SKL necklaces, the coolest bracelets and some really funky rings.  I save my pennies all year long for this trip.  I usually take whatever money I made over the year selling jewelry.

  now I have to get busy making more jewelry so I can go back next year!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I haven't posted in awhile because I have been in Tucson for the last week.  Pam, Sue, Betty and I went up last Wednesday.  I have lots of pictures, but this really sums up the entire trip
Betty and Sue in the back seat

We bought so many baubles, we barely had room to sit on the way home.  Im still not sure how we fit everything  in the car. (we were all fearful the trunk would never open again and we wound have to got through the back seat to get our gems!)  We were really crammed in the car, but what a time!  

We spent until our pockets were empty, we ate until our bellies were full and laughed until our pants were wet!  

I cant believe 4 women spent 6 days locked up together, and were still laughing when the trip was over.  This picture was taken on the last leg of our journey, we laughed until the bitter end!  Im sure Pam was laughing by herself on the ride home after dropping  us off!! 

I cant wait until Tucson 2013!