Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cast Baby

I have been conflicted all day on how to hang the pendant from the necklace.  I tried several different connections, but non of them looked right.  Thanks to SLK's book I came up with a solution.  Not really a "Cold Connection" because it took some heat, but I already had the pendant complete and I could not apply much heat due to the resin and paper.  I am happy with the final outcome.  I just need to sew a little bag for it and Ill be done. 

My next project is a cast resin squirrel.  Its so cute.  I made a mold of a small porcelain squirrel that a patents  gave me.  I have a strand of "nut" beads I think I will incorporate.  It a strand of assorted nuts, drilled for stringing!  It should be a fun piece

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