Friday, August 30, 2013

This is what happens when #craftingtheemmys, #IceResin #CHA #handmade #Jewelry

My dining room is no more "Key kids, wanna go out for dinner?"

sneak peak at Emmy Bracelet

anther sneek peak

My living room has also been taken over.  No living going on here!

My poor Poor Studio.  Its always cluttered but Ive never seen it like this!!

My hands AFTER I washed them!!
another studio shot

The jewelry is off to the Emmy's.  Overnight delivery.

I think I heard that the runner up for best actress will be coming to help all the artist clean!  Thats what 2nd place will get ya!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Annies Work from Bead Fest

Annie Giancarlo made these pieces in the Art Mechanic Class.  They are so much more beautiful in person (as resin always is)  The red heart just Glows!!!

a bit of Beadfest

 Unfortunately, I did not locate my camera until the end of the 2nd class.  Bummer.  The students made  such amazing pieces the first and second day.  I got my camera out too late to get pix of every ones work but several students have offered to send pix so hopefully we have more to come!!  If you were in one of the classes and have pictures please pass them on.  I would love to show off all your talents.  One innovative student enameled drinking straws, a melted fork and spoon and all kinds of bits off the floor.  They looked like a million bucks and no one would ever guess the were the rubbish from lunch!!

Here are some students hard at work Cold Enameling

Lovely ladies and talented artists
hard at work at the enameling station

Her first class EVER! I
 thought she was a pro!!

Hard at work adding texture wire!

The Students made Lots of great pieces to work with!

This piece may be used as a journal cover.  It is so beautiful in person! It just shimmers and glows! 

 These (along with Susans Beautiful pieces) were the class samples they worked from.  We were Blessed to have Susan Lenart Kazmers piece from the cover of her new book Resin Alchemy to drool over!!!

Again, students please get me pix of you work as I im sure everyone wants to see all the great work you did!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Samples for Cold Enamel Philly BeadFest

I will be teaching SLK's Cold Enameling class in Philly PA at Bead Fest this week.  Here are a few examples of what you can do with Ice Resins new Iced Enameling Program.  Available at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry supply department

 Bronze ring with Iced enamel
 Bronze cuff with Iced enamel
 You can even use it on acorns!!!
"the game of life" earrings!!

I think we may have a few seats left in class so if your in the Philly area and want to have some fun, come join us!

post from Ice Resin Blog. So exciting


Da, Da, Dan, Ta Da…(can you hear the trumpets sound???) ICE Resin® is going to the Primetime Emmys!
That’s right! Celebrities who are part of the 65th Annual Emmy Awards will have a brand new opportunity to show off their creative talents in DIY jewelry making.
Susan Leanrt Kazmer Emmys 2013
We love Art Unraveled because all our friends bring some of the best found objects to the Shopping Extravaganza. As soon as Susan saw this vintage corset, she grabbed it. Hmmmm, wonder what it will become and if it’s part of the ICE Queen’s party dress for the Primetime Emmys. Stay tuned!
The ICE Queen; Susan Lenart Kazmer, will be at the Connected Gift Lounge, where she will be showcasing her jaw-dropping, award-winning, mixed-media designs and showing the celebs how to make ah..mah…zing ICE Resin® jewelry. This Make and Take event is being sponsored by CHA and the North American Bead Association. ICE Resin is one of a select group of jewelry-making manufacturers who are proud to be participating in this star-studded crafting event.
Susan, her business partner Jen Cushman, and artists of the ICE Resin 2012-13 Creative Team – Jen Crossley, Cindy Cima Edwards, Lexi Grenzer, Thespoena McLaughlin, Lesley Venable, Pamela Huntington, Josephine Jones, Sandy Martin, and Susan Walls - are busy in their studios designing fabulous pieces for the nominees and event using our wide range of ICE Resin and Art Mechanique bezels, charms, components and more! Kristen Robinson, of Rue Romantique, will be joining the art making, as will a few of our super inspired team members; Carol LaValley, Misty Grosse and  Jennifer Priest.
Stars attending the Emmys will receive a bursting Swag Bag filled with bling from all of the sponsors. We’re working on our part of the presentation now.
In the weeks leading up to the event there will be Twitter chats you can join, contests you can enter, prizes to win, and lots more surprises.

Friday, August 16, 2013


what girl doesn't want to go to the Emmy's.  Well here is your chance to follow along.  Ice resin will be strutting there stuff at the Emmy's this year, but even better that that, The Emmy nominees will receive ICE in there SWAG bag.  You know the bags that we all dream of getting.  SWAG stands for Stuff We All Get. but that's not true! only the elite stars will receive a piece of Ice Resin Jewelry!!! The design team is in high gear working hard to ensure that each star get an amazing piece of jewelry designed by us!!  I will be making 5 bracelets and Ill keep you posted.

As if that was not exciting enough, we are making tons of charms and bezels for the stars to have as "Make and Takes".  

Hear is  a peak at what I will be spending my nights doing over the next few weeks!

 so many beautiful bezels, blanks and paper

and of course lots of Ice Resin

You can also make jewelry like the Stars will have because all of this can be found at Hobby lobby and Ice Resin!!

Sneek peak at class samples for Bead Fest

 crackle enamel
 Caulk transfer on white caulk
 Iced Enamels
 Iced Enamels on bronze
Once they are coated with Ice Resin and dry I can turn them into beautiful Jewelry.  Cant wait

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

and the other one!

I painted another one of my sculpts.  I really just wanted to play with sculpting and painting techniques.  I have/had not intentions of using them for anything.  I kinda like the color scheme of this one

I was trying to figure out how to add hair when.....

I drooped it! 

The nose is somewhere under the couch! I am working on a circus troupe!  Maybe this could be the amazing pig man!  any other suggestions? It wasnt that great to begin with so Im not too upset.  Good lesson for when/if I ever make something worthy of using. 

Tip:  Dont drop it on its face!