Saturday, October 29, 2011

Olives Halloween coustume

 I made olive a "Sweet pea rag doll"
 Her "tail"was a little saggy!!
But she was sooo cute

somenew work

 Ive had this Peruvian opal for a LONG time so I thought it was time I used it.  I used an elk horn tip as the clasp
 Close up of the toggle
 All saints have a past, all sinners have a future
bronze cuff that has a million different  patinas! silver plate and enamel disk tied with tea stained muslin

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the rock ring 2

 This ring was really hard to photograph.  its hard to see the etched bezel
 I think it is to shiny.  I will patina it again and do a rough polish
 it is also hart to see the leaf and vine etch.  it looks really cool
Close up of the bezel.  you can kinda see the etch

my new ROCK ring

I purchased SLK's heart necklace several months ago and have wanted a ring to wear that would rival the necklace.  

My dear son Sidney found a really cool heart shaped rock in a gravel delivery. (he is a landscaper)  He brought the rock home and gave it to me.  I have been caring it around with me for weeks trying to figure out how to turn it into a ring.  Ever time I thought about the design, I found myself singing "she loves me like a rock" by Paul Simon. ...she loves me, loves me, loves me ,loves me . Sid and I have had some trying times over the past few weeks but I will always love him like a rock!

I have an event I want to wear SLK's necklace to (well I want to wear the necklace to every event!) so I needed to get the ring done quickly if I wanted to wear it.  I had many cool designs but I wanted it done quickly so this is what I came up with.  I think I will go back and add more elements.  I may drill holes and tie on some pink sari ribbon to make it coordinate with Susans necklace. I etched the back with a floral print.  I etched the bezel with the same floral print.  I stamped "loves me like a rock" 
now blogger will not allow me to post the I will post the ring later

Monday, October 17, 2011

Old is new again

 I made this cuff about 4 years ago and wore it all the time.  I broke one of the enamel disks so I stopped wearing it.  When I got out my cuffs to work on I found it again.  I tied a piece of tea stained muslin to the holes where to old disks were.
 Im happy with how it turned out.  I decided to make more of them to go with my disk necklaces,earrings and rings.  I spent yesterday at Brians shop making a ton of enameled disks.  I now have plenty of disks to replace the broken ones from the bracelet, but I think I like the fiber and will just leave it.
Here are a few of the disks I finished yesterday

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Over the past few days I have been working on getting a patina on some cuffs.  I have a vision in my head about how I want the final product to look, but its a different thing translating that!  I want the cuffs to have a rich patina without adding traditional color and then I will add pops of color with enamel pieces.
If Im only good at one thing, it would be color.  I think this is where my strength lies as an artist. I have always been able to match a color perfectly.  I can mix paint to match any color, I can recreate a color that I saw 20 years ago.  I FEEL in color!  I love enamel for this reason, it alows me to add soft vibrant color to hard cold metal. I love the dichotomy.

but for this project, Im having trouble.  
I first started by altering the color of the cuffs with heat. That was not the look I was going for!

 Then I added some different solutions.  Here is where they are now

I should probably just take some advice from Brian.  He is lousy with color but he is an expert with patinas!  He is a fine woodworker by trade but in the past few years he had created a few copper doors with a beautiful patina.  He has used everything from bleach to walnut shells. you can see his work  here at zo mill doors.  Im going to try a few more things before I conseed and ask for help! I really want to figure out how to get the effect I want without using a prepared solution. I also don't want much blue/green because Im going to add the color with enamel and Im afraid that it may clash.  I guess we will see where it goes.
By the way...These cuffs started as Bronze.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

crappy day...Greatful that they aren all crappy!

I have started this post 3 times and I just spent the last 30 minuets rambling about my crappy day and my busy schedule and my lack of time to create and...and...and.  Then I got to the end of it and realized, this is the same sh*t  most women deal with!  NOBODY wants to hear my whining! (not even me!)  
I started this blog in an attempt to connect with people, document my creative process and share my art with others.  Because I don't have the energy to do any of those things tonight, I will simply share a pix of a good day

  Brian and I at Disney world.  We had such a fantastic time.  It was the first "real" vacation we took in almost 17 years!!! Just us, no kids, no dogs, no cats, no nothing.  I don't think it would have mattered where we went, it was just the joy in spending 10 days together without any real life distractions.   On crappy days like today, I try to look back on joyful days and be grateful.  I think its time for another vacation.  Any Ideas?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Get Pinked

A friend just sent me this link.  One of my patients is getting down in this video!  so vote for it!! 
We LOVE to get pinked here in San Juan County. 
I have seen Breast cancer affect so many lives in my few short years with Hospice. Girls, get those mammograms!!!!

New Piece in ETSY

I posted a new piece of jewelry on ETSY.  You can find it here.

I cant believe how many people still don't know about ETSY.  I had new postcards printed with my ETSY site.  I could not believe how many people I gave them to that then said "what is ETSY?"  
I try to only buy handmade when ever possible.  When I was looking to buy my first home, my sister was my real estate agent.  Each home we looked at, I would critique the wall space.  My sister, Shannon Martin  said that I was her first home buyer that was more concerned with wall space for art than square footage!  I wanted to make sure I had plenty of space to hang art.  I have several great large walls for art but NO closet space. I should have listened to my sister!

The story of the Aprons

I was over at Voodoo Cafe {as I often am} to check out what new in the land of creativity.  Rice (rhymes with Lisa) and I met several months ago and I have wanted to post about it but did not know how to approach it without sounding crazy!  You can see  Rice post  here.  

It was my first art retreat and I was nervous about being there by myself.  I saw Rice walking around all day in this fabolus apron. I actually ran out of my class 2 different times when I saw her in an attempt to read the apron.  Here I am "lurking" behind her to get a better look!!

 Then I got to touch it!!! It was so cool.  It is all hand stamped with a great face on the front and heart on the back.   She asked if It was something I wound wear and of course the answer was a resounding YES! And she gave it to me! I could not believe it.

 After I donned my new fab apron, we sat down to visit.  She was so endearing and charming.  I explained that it was my first art retreat and My goal was to become more connected with the art community. 

I explained that I almost did not come because I had to put my dear sweet Bell (my 14 year old cat) to sleep the day before the retreat.  Rice ran up to her room and came down with yet Another Faboulous apron with Kittys on it.  It is hand stamped with all the names of her cats.  It was such a sweet gesture.   my eyes were filled with tears as she handed it to me.  

In Rice's blog she simply tells the story of exchanging the aprons, what she did not tell you is how loving and compassionate she was while doing it.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first apron and have worn it to several art openings and events, but the Kitty apron holds a dear place in my heart.  

It silly to say "Art Heals"but when she handed me the kitty apron, I really felt warmth in my heart.  I believe in the power of art.  The power to communicate a belief, make a statement, tell a story, but most of all, connect with people.  I know that Rice was thinking of all her beloved animals when she stamped each of there names on that apron, and to be given such a precious handmade piece was so special.   

I still miss Bell kitty daily.  I rescued her from a trash bin outside a local restaurant 14 years ago and I must say it was the most painful decision I have had to make to put her to sleep, but Rice apron  and kind words were a blessed gift at a time of great sadness.  

I just want everyone to know that this is not just a story of exchanging art, but how art can connect people on a deep level,promote  healing and bring joy.  Isn't that what its all about? 
again Thank you Thank you Thank you Rice.

Monday, October 10, 2011

feeling blue

I am feeling pretty BLUE today so here are some new pieces.  With the price of silver going up, I have been mixing hand forged sterling chain with fine gemstones.  I like  the outcome!

 part of my booth at the winery

Saturday, October 1, 2011

live life with meaning...What is your Destination?

After posting on Destination Creativity and Art retreats, I became very emotional.  After typing the title "Destination Creativity" several times, I became aware that this is exactly my "goal"  DESTINATION CREATIVITY.   I have made reference several times to my "goal"of being more creative and connecting with the "art community"  I am trying to spend more time creating art and building relationships with artist.  What you may not know is my reason for wanting to do this. 

I have been working as a home health Hospice nurse for several years.  Working with terminally ill people gives you a new perspective.  It certainly makes you re assess your own life.  If I knew I only had 1  year.. 6 months..1 month..1 week... 1 would I live my life?  How do I want the world, my family, my friends to remember me?  I know the answer.  I want them to remember me as a loving, compassionate and giving person.  I think art is my way of connecting with people.  I fee like Nursing is my "calling"  I sometimes feel like I don't have a choice in this.  I feel that I have been called to serve my fellow man in this way.  I feel like because I have been blessed with the ability to provide loving care...then I MUST do it.....but creating art is MY choice.  

When I am gone, I hope one way I am remember is through my art.  The care and love I provide to patents will fade over time. They will pass on, there families will also...but creating art is a way  of making my mark permanently.  I feel exhilarated when I create something that would not exist without my hand.  Each piece I create means I was HERE...I LIVED. and........I created.  I'm becoming more emotional as I type this because I see people pass away often in spiritual pain, searching for there meaning.  wishing they could have a "do over" we all know..we only get one shot.  
I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis  in 2006.  I know the odds of me loosing my ability to function as I do now are great. I have been very lucky and have lost little function since my diagnosis but I am painfully aware that today may be the last day I walk.  If today is my last day to walk, or to work, or to create, or to live..I want it to be spent with meaning.  Each day I work and provide service to patents, I feel has meaning.  And each day I spend creating art is also filled with meaning.  

but then there are those shitty days you have to do house work and laundry!!!  

 but even in the mundane, you can find meaning

Destination Creativity

I just posted a review on Amazon for the book Destination Creativity.  The book is written by rice Freeman-Zachery.  The book gives insight to the world of art retreats.  As some of you know, I attended art unraveled  this summer.  I had an amazing time.I had the great privilege of meeting Rice.  I really enjoyed spending time with her and when she told me she had a book coming out,  I knew I would have to get it.  you can check out her blog at 
 Rice in her great altered clothing
I was able to get my copy of the book at my local book store, but last week I noticed several copy's at Hastings.  You can also purchase it at  Destination Creativity.  This is a great book for anyone that has had an interest connecting with creative people.  I promise you will want to attend the next art retreat after reading this book