Saturday, October 1, 2011

Destination Creativity

I just posted a review on Amazon for the book Destination Creativity.  The book is written by rice Freeman-Zachery.  The book gives insight to the world of art retreats.  As some of you know, I attended art unraveled  this summer.  I had an amazing time.I had the great privilege of meeting Rice.  I really enjoyed spending time with her and when she told me she had a book coming out,  I knew I would have to get it.  you can check out her blog at 
 Rice in her great altered clothing
I was able to get my copy of the book at my local book store, but last week I noticed several copy's at Hastings.  You can also purchase it at  Destination Creativity.  This is a great book for anyone that has had an interest connecting with creative people.  I promise you will want to attend the next art retreat after reading this book

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