Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I haven't posted in awhile because I have been in Tucson for the last week.  Pam, Sue, Betty and I went up last Wednesday.  I have lots of pictures, but this really sums up the entire trip
Betty and Sue in the back seat

We bought so many baubles, we barely had room to sit on the way home.  Im still not sure how we fit everything  in the car. (we were all fearful the trunk would never open again and we wound have to got through the back seat to get our gems!)  We were really crammed in the car, but what a time!  

We spent until our pockets were empty, we ate until our bellies were full and laughed until our pants were wet!  

I cant believe 4 women spent 6 days locked up together, and were still laughing when the trip was over.  This picture was taken on the last leg of our journey, we laughed until the bitter end!  Im sure Pam was laughing by herself on the ride home after dropping  us off!! 

I cant wait until Tucson 2013!

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