Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sweet Pea Jewelry: Im keeping it!

I think I may have posted this bracelet in the past..not sure.  I took it out of the gallery today because I finally decided to keep it.  Its one of those pieces that I have taken in and out of the gallery several times because I was hesitant to let it go.  When it was in the gallery, I had it priced so high, no one would purchase it anyway!  
        Its very simple and really has no technique to it, Its just an array of gemstones wire wrapped on a silver chain.  Yet it continues to speak to me!  I love the blues and browns together and It feels so good around my wrist.  Its heavy enough to feel like a quality piece, but not so heavy it is unconformable.  I love the sweet chime it makes when I move my wrist.  Isn't this what jewelry is suppose to do for us?  I rarely keep my own jewelry.  I keep my prototypes and my "firsts" (first solder,enamel,etched, riveted ect) usually because they have some flaws.  But this piece Im keeping because I LOVE it. 
The pictures really don't do it justice because the way the gems transition color is really beautiful.

I made one in red yellows and white using garnet,rubies, citrine,pearls and moonstone.  Its a pretty piece but it dosent have the power this one has for me.
As an artist, I think my one strong quality is color.  I don't have lots of faith in any of my other skills but I'm good with color.  I can reproduce a color I saw 10 years ago...I can match a pain color to a gemstone I only saw once.  I think one of the reasons I love this bracelet so much is because it validates my ability to work with color.  I guess we all know blue and brown go well together, but I spent hours combing thru beads to pick the perfect shades.  I used Appetite, aquamarine, Kyanite, Amnozite, Lamar, smoky topaz, smokey quartz and colored pearls. 
So as simple as the technique is and as generic as the design is (everyone has a "cha cha" bracelet, to me it feels thoughtful.  The artistry is in the choices of materials.
Well shit,  now I feel like a braggart..Not my intention,  I was really just trying to express my love for this piece and why a seemingly simple design would be so special to me.
Let me know what you think.  Is this a special piece or is it just way past bedtime and Tylenol PM has kicked in???


  1. It is a really special piece - you should keep it! I think it is amazingly beautiful. The waterfall of stones is stunning. Not bragging, just as amazed as I am, I think! lol.

  2. yeah, you should keep that!! It's gorgeous!!!


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