Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Old find

While cleaning my dining room. I came across a stack of old paintings.  I had forgot about this.  When I turned it over it was dated 1988 and I had filled out a submission slip to be part of a juried art show in Colorado.  It was NOT accepted.  I remember being heart broken.  I had used so many "new" techniques!  I took a picture of snow white and painted it with about 20 layers of Elmers glue. {waiting for each layer to dry}  After it dried, I soaked it in warm water and the paper came off.  I was left with a fairly transparent  image of snow white!  I was so amazed I could transfer an image onto a transparent "sheet" of glue.  of course now there are 20 different ways to get an image transferred and to look transparent. I painted part of the canvas with that Iron pain and then rusted it (I could have just painted rust color) I sewed on individual sequins and beads.   I used plaster from the hardware store to get texture. (we did not have a Home Depo back then) I thought I was so clever using the plaster  and was so disappointed that the jury did not see the effort and creativity that went into making this piece!  It took weeks to make.  Now with all the new products and how to books, I could do it in a night.  
It was nice to revisit this piece and remember what I was willing to do to get a single transparent image that no one even noticed

Sorry about the quality of the images.  Back then my motto was the more gloss the better! This baby has some high gloss finish. I think Ill hang it up as a reminder that short cuts are not always the best.  I would not call this a good piece of art but its a good study in a lot of technique!


  1. Well, apart from the very glossy finish, I quite like them! Especially the warm faces with the orange painted over them. Have you tried using matte varnish over the gloss?

  2. PS. The only reason I don´t like the glossy varnish, is because it makes it more difficult to see the actual art.


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