Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Cast Resin

Today I cast a Deer, Moose, sheep, American Buffalo and a giraffe.  I have an idea to put them in a bezel that looks like a trophy mount.  I think I will make the moose into  a ring.  Not sure yet.  I want to start silversmithing and enameling more.  I have stepped away from it for a bit since Ive been casting resing again.
I use to cast resin about 15 years ago.  It was such a pain in the a*#!  Making molds took forever and the resin always turned yellow.  Now with ice resin and silicone molding putty, its a snap!

I love the "sheepish" look on the cast sheep.  Maybe I will stamp some clever saying if I can think of something!


  1. Very cool heads! These are pretty amazing. I'll be interested to see how the necklaces turn out.

  2. Oh, they are great! Absolutely wonderful! I think they would all look great as rings. Freaking awesome rings! I really like your little "nests" in the rings and bracelet in your last post too. Is that soldering you´ve done there? They look great in all their simplicity. All in all I think we can occlude that your art totally rocks! ;-)

  3. These are great, Sandy! I'm so intrigued now with the mold-making and resin casting...

    You have such a great variety of skills and talents!
    : ) lulu


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