Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tiny art is on is way home

I was fortunate enough to have Janne Robbersand as one of my 3 fantastic room mates at Art fest.  As any of you artfesters know, it is very difficult to spend time with everyone you meet.  Janne was one of those people who I knew we were kindred spirits but we were just both so very busy we were unable to spend time together.  We did develop a deep bond over the temperature of our dorm!!

At the end of Artfes  Janne approached me and said "you are now part of our group"  She gifted me a lovely blank journal with manta ray skin binding. as all he other "members" had  books throughout Artfest, most left home with these wonderful books filled with small original pieces of art.  Jenne sent me a lovely giraffe and I placed him in the first page of my book.  I have made her 2 small pieces  to include in hers

  You can find Janne here


  1. Your ladies are SUPER-cute! Absolutely adorable!
    It´s kind of fun making these miniature paintings.... Maybe we should join one of those inchies-trade-groups?
    Thank you so much for your kind words about me! You´re the best!
    (Ha, ha, ha... funny how a little spelling mistake can alter the entire story. I honestly thought I said "you are now part of our group" ;-) )

  2. I fixed all the typos! I must have been drunk or very tired! funny. I always wondered what the inchie groups are. It was fun making tiny art. You will have to let me know what you think when you get hem


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