Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Artfest Junker Janes Class

I never posted about my PROJECTS from artfest because there was just to much other grand things to comment on!  But my classes were fantastic.  I tool a 2 day class from SLK and made a metal journal with transparent papers (it came out a bit wonky so I really dont want to show it off) The final day was monster dolls with Junker Jane.  She and her husband were so very sweet.  Miss LuLu offered me her sewing machine but as she was bringing it up to the workroom, it fell and broke.  I felt so bad...she was being so generous and offering to help a stranger and it bites her in the ass.  Again, Im so sorry LuLu.  But Cathrine was fantastic.  her husband set up a new machine they had recently purchased and let me use it for the class.  It was much like mine at home (basic,,cant mess it up kinda machine) I made 2 dolls but did not stuff them as I did not need any extra items in my luggage.  So over the weekend, I stuffed them and put on the finishing touches.  I love how the first one came out.  The second is a mermaid and I really did not understand how to sew the tail so that when I reversed it right way out, it still looked like a tail.  He will need some remodeling!

 I used one of my enamel disks for the eye
 I made 2 furry bunny ears
I think he looks like a drag queen at 3 AM.  eyes a bit droopy (maybe to much absolute Vodka!) Matted wig, just a few falsies (I mean eyelashes) the rest fell off in the dance off, but Ill be dammed, the fake mole and bright red lips are fantastic as ever!
I need a good drag name for this fella.  Any suggestions?


  1. Wow, Sandy, love you drag lady...she is got some "sassyness" if i must say!

  2. The right half looks like "good morning honey! Tea?" and the left half looks like, "Hey there.... howsit going?" Pretty great one!

    I think you should post your book from SLK class - I saw the whole thing - and I thought it was fantastic! If you don't post pics, I will - ha!

  3. Adorable - he/she is so chic with that Marilyn! (Oh! There's a name suggestion for you!) I'd love to see the mermaid, too - did you clip the points and curves before you tried to turn the tail right side out?

    p.s. Despite the cover not fitting on my machine is working perfectly, thank goodness!
    : ) lulu

  4. OK smarty pants: NO I did not clip the points and curves before I turned it right side out! That was exactly the problem!!! so glad your machine still works


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