Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cat's Baby

I finished another piece with my Ice Resin cast pieces.  I made this piece for Cat Kerr as she won a drawing on my blog.  I hope she likes it

I bought a new camera in hopes of getting brighter, more clear pix.  This camera has done a better job that the old one but my Tungsten bulbs blew and I had to use normal bulbs.  Boy what a difference!  So sorry for the poor lighting.  The gem stones are beautiful in person.  The Pictures also cane out in the wrong order.  I dont know how to fix that!

 Rough Garnet, Green Garnet, Muslin and a thick twig as the clasp
 The Baby up close.  I used Van Dyke brown paint to give it some age.  I also used some chain from Industrial chic.  I just used Jax green to patina it.
 The baby hangs form a steel ring (a found car part. not sure what it is called).  I used some gem quality Citrine.
 a full shot of the piece.  I only cast part of one leg.  The doll does have both legs, but I thought this made it more interesting.

 Because the back of the doll was flat and lacked interest, I mod podged some old text from an 1860's encyclopedia.  I think the text is about color theory!

Cat makes such beautiful jewelry herself, it was hard to decide what to do for her.  Its hard for me to gift jewelry to a jewelry designer.   Hope she likes it.

Now Joan, I need your address so I can send you something special!


  1. Wooooooow....this is sooooo amazing...I just came by to say hi and didnt expect to see photos of the amazing necklace you made for me...woo hoo...cant wait to put it on!! You are so generous!! thank you thank you!!Big Hugs,Cat

  2. dont get too excited...you haven't received it yet!


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