Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stampington Hau!!!!

I think once a year,  Stamping has a huge blow sale on back issues. This year was Aug 9th.   I set my alarm to remind me and it went of at 1145PM. The Sale ended at Midnight. I rushed frantically to choose the ones I wanted.  Even with the limited time,  I was still able to pick up a few Things

My box weighed over 50 pounds!
but look what I got!

Nancy is wondering what the heck is going on!

My box arrived the day I returned for teaching at bead fest.  This is the only time the box has been opened.  I have dreams of my husband taking me to his Families Cabin in La Plata mountains in  Colorado and leave me there for the winter.  It snows so much once your in, your not getting out. I have dreams of taking all my art supplies and just working uninterrupted.  Since the magazines have arrived, my dream of being locked away all winter has become More appealing.  I could make art during the day and read at night.  I guess ill have o wait until I'm in a nursing home to have some free time to read them!!!
While reviewing my packing sheet, I realized My sisters birthday was Aug 9th!!! I had to call and give my condolences. If she liked art, I would giver her a stack of fabulous magazines!!!

Go to stampington and get on the e mail. they send out news letter once a weak and give heads up on sales like this.

Cant wait to start flipping through them!

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