Friday, September 20, 2013

Little House

I have been beyond busy.  Teaching at Bead Fest in Philly, then returning home to do all the work for #craftingfortheemmys, and getting new work for ready for the Durango Art Fair.  Its 11:30PM.  I just got the car packed and ready to go.  I need to leave at around 4AM to finish getting ready and drive to Durango Colorado.  

I wanted to have more cast animals for this show, but I just could not pull it off.  I did make several new pieces with the SLK Art Mechanic blanks.  Im happy with the way they turned out.  I will post more later along with pix of the Art Fair.  But for is one little house.  I used old french text and enamel.  The other side has watercolor adhered to the blank.  It has a gloss finish and I just could not get a good photo. 

If your in the Durango area, stop by and say hi.  If not...Check out all the excitements with the Emmy's!!!

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