Sunday, August 14, 2011

art unraveled

I spent several days in Scottsdale for Art Unraveled art retreat.  I had more fun than I had anticipated.  It really gave me to boost I needed to get back in the studio and start creating the art I want to create.  I feel like I work so Much (at my "real" job), that the only time I create art is to meet a deadline. 

I am going to attempt to market my wares and blog more often.  I have jewelry in a few gallerys in NM and Colorado, but I have not really made an attempt to market myself.  The only reason I have art anywhere is because the gallerys sought me out.  I cant sit and wait for them to come to me. goal is to be more active in the art world.  I meet some GREAT people at art unraveled and would like to be more connected to the art community at large.  

I have had a ETSY site since 2007 and I have not posted a single item!!!  I am cyber challenged and have been intimidated by a simple post.  well....things are going to change (or this will be my last post)  it could go either way!!

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