Friday, October 18, 2013

Connies Crystals Blog Hop

I am from the southwest so I love using pieces that are indigenous to this area.  I often use leather, bone, antler turquoise and other rustic items.  But these things can look a bit tough or to "wild west" for me.  I always like to add a bit of bling to my work so Connies Crystals are perfect.

In this piece, I started with an Elk antler and added some fine raw gemstones like carnelian and garnet.  
 I used some ribbon and some yarn made from a local alpaca farm
 The Crystals add just enough bling to make it girly, but still lets everyone know your may have a six shooter in your garter!!!

Don't forget to check out what  Lexi and Pamela have done with connies crystals
Keep on Hopping!!


  1. Gorgeous! Love the use of the Elk antler!

  2. If I wore a garter, I'd totally have a sparkly 6'shooter, lol. Great design my jet set friend!! Hope you're having a fantastic time abroad!! - Lexi

  3. I don't have a six-shooter...but I'd kill for that necklace.


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