Saturday, January 12, 2013

Art Opning ends in fairy houses post!

Tonight I went to a fabulous art reception for my dear friend  Dale Latta( painter) and showing along  with the amazing   Don Ellis  (pottery).  I got all dressed up in my finest Paris attire and some cool new jewelry.  I took along my camera because I thought it would be good to post on their event.  Both are great artist and deserve some kudos, but I did have alternative motives.
I talk about how I have no friends and I just stay home or work, which is true 99.9% of the time, But this night was different.  I wasent to tired to get all dolled up and rub elbows with my fellow artist friends, whom I don't see near enough.  I was taking pictures and thinking about the blog post that would follow.  My dear friend Janet offered to take a picture of me and my friend  Michael Billie (an amazing encaustic artist) when she noted "there's no memory cart in here.  OF COURSE THERE'S NOT!!! its at home in my computer from uploading bunny pix! So I enjoyed the night with no photo graphical evidence to prove I was present!

Miss Olive came home with me and was feeling a bit artsy.  I have a recycled sculpture of a house made of old metal, milk carton, sticks. and paper.  Olive is very good about leaving all my art untouched, but this piece just calls her name.  She is constantly sticking a doll inside it or having them walk up the latter ect.  Tonight, while playing, she had her chubby little hands on it again,  I reminded her that we have had "the talk" and she is not to touch my artwork.  Olive responded "well, this is not really art it is a fairy house"  Apparently Olive has many faeries who follow her around, waiting for her to cook them meals, entertain them, tuck them in bed, read to them, ect...These fairies seem a bit demanding to me!!  So I suggested we make out own"faerie houses"

We used some old paper cans (paper prune can and soy protein and a plastic toddler treat container.  We covered the paper ones in craft paper, cut a door and put on a roof with some sparkly glitter paper.  The plastic one is painted. I made door knobs, Glued feet to the bottom so they would stand up. Olive put my piece of "art' back in its place and said "these are way better fairy houses" 

 Here is Miss O Painting the plastic house. she had a purple belly button when fished.  she claims that it was "purely by accident" but it looks like a pretty good paint job to me!
 Here is olives project.  she decorated it with lots of sea horses and seashells.  This is the faerie dance school
 here are the 2 paper houses together.  They have already caused a lot of ruckus with the littlest pet shop folks wanting to come and check things out!
 This is my project.  pretty plain.  Olive says they will go here to rest! (translation:boring)
 Olive needing to pose with her creations.  She said she made them, she should get to be in the picture!  Makes sence
Here she is again making SURE you know that THESE are the ones she made!

So although I dont have pix of great professional art, and a fantastic opening with lots of my art friends.

The night was a huge success.  Olive figures we gave home to 10, maybe 20 faeries who other wise would have been out on the street, cold and hungry.  It an epidemic!  Join in the fight. Each faerie home you build means .....some... faeries will not be out in the cold (its hard to get a good count as they migrate and I just found out, are often invisible. Ask a 3 year old, they seem to have all the stats!)


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