Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tech Tuesday

Check out my video on Ice Resin  for  Tech Tuesday.  It is my first video and it  has some problems.  I need to get a new camera and a new computer  (and some new knowledge on video editing!!)  Hopefully my next video will look a bit better.

I haven't posted for some time because I have been busy, busy busy.  I have been working(of course) but I have also been creating.  I have been hard at work on some new mixed media pieces like the one in the previous post.  I have lots of pieces in various stages of completion!  I hope to spend the weekend getting them all put together and then I will have lots to post.

In the mean time, here is a fun rabbit pendant I am working on.  I cast the rabbit in Ice Resin.  I made the mold from a beautiful piece of hardware lent to me by Jen Cushman.  Once the Rabbit was cast and dry, I set him in a half filled Bezel with an image.  I used Ice Resin to fill the rest of the bezel and secure him in place.  I used acrylic paint to distress the rabbit then used renaissance wax to add some shine and seal the color. 


  1. Sandy I love your rabbit! I really like his blue eyes! Your work is so beautiful and so alluring!! See you soon I hope!


  2. I love this! What did you color your rabbit with? I have cast a bunch of different pieces in resin, but honestly I am a little stumped as to how I can color them and then use with more resin. Thanks if you have some ideas for me.

  3. Congrats on your first clip. Your voice was clear and the camera wasn't shaky. Minus the creepy door sound in the background it was great.

    Speaking of getting a computer I'm selling my imac. I can probably include and old photoshop and it also comes with microsoft word for mac.

    Are you going to the opening at SJC tomorrow night?

  4. You did a lovely job on the video Sandy informative and friendly. Thank you so so much!!!



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