Monday, November 14, 2011

studios Tour 2011

I know it has been some time since I have blogged but I have a very good reason!! I have been getting ready, and participating in our 9th annual Studio Tour

The tour took place in Farmington NM last weekend.  Four artists opened there studios and invited other artist to participate in there studios. We had four studios with 20 artist.  It was fantastic.  I was located at Liz Stannards home.  this is her studio above.

We had Cindy McNeely with her beautiful pottery. (I now own 2 of these pots!!!)

 Cindys husband Doug McNeely also participated. This was his first art show and he was a smashing success!  I wish i had more pictures but these were taken at the end of the weekend and most of his art has already been sold! (I also got a cool piece from him}
 Here is a shot of one of my display cases. I had many new pieces and most of them sold! Thank you Four Corners.
 Robb Rocket was there also.  This is his cool paintbrush sculpture with one of my favorite color paints! He also did the metal pink and red skull.
 Here is out first attempt of a group shot. We were all so tired after two full days of the tour and no sleep the week before! Liz looks like she is already half asleep!
Here is out 50th and last group shot.  I promise you don't want to see the 48 in between! This was the best we could do.

This year with the addition of the 2 boys, we went with a bit of a different theme.  since Robb is into hot rods and the low brow scene and with the addition of Doug who is new to creating art we needed to change it up a bit.  So we went with the low brow theme!  we served LOTS of beer in all flavors (Im not a bear drinker, are they called flavors?) anyway we had a shit load of bear for our guests and we had some low brow snack options as well.  I really should have taken a pix of our appetizer table.  We had pig skins (oops sorry Pork Rinds) with Tabasco sauce (cuz that's how we roll), we had small wieners in toothpicks and bananas with toothpicks dipped in chocolate ice cream topping.  we did have some other options for those HIGH BROW folks that stopped by!
We really had a great time.  I think it was the best one yet.  You will have to all come next year! I really want to thank Liz for opening her home to us, the artist and even more, the public.  Where we create is a very private special place for most of us and I am forever grateful to liz for the opportunities she has given artist and the community.  GO LIZ!

I will post more of my new work soon

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