Monday, November 28, 2011

I have been neglectful in posting recently.  With the holidays work,, some family issues and Olive and my birthday, I have barely had time to sleep!
Olive had a Yo Gabba Gabba cake and ate Brobie and Fuffa! The went into a sugar coma!

I do have some exciting news.  A few of my artist friends and I have rented a beautiful space in Downtown Farmington NM.  We will open a pop up holiday gallery.  We have settled on the very creative name "Holiday Art Gallery" or HAG!
We figured we should not go with any kind of clever or cutsey name as we will not have much time to promote it.  We just need to get straight to the point!  So HAG it is!  I hope we dont get mistaken for one of those pop up Halloween stores!

I have been working on some new work for this gallery so I will post that soon.  I will also post some pix of the gallery.  Our Grand opening is Dec 9th with a reception during the winter art walk.  So if your in the area, stop by!

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