Sunday, December 4, 2011

Encaustic Class

My son Sidney and I took and encaustic class from michael billie.  We Had a blast.  Sid is very artistic.  He made several great pieces.  

 He really experimented with texture and color.  He developed this technique of layering color on top of color with black in between the layers of color.  It looks so cool.  You really dot get the full effect in a photo.  The piece changes colors depending on how you look at it.  
 Here is a close up of the layers
 He also used a transfer technique to embed an image into the wax.  He found this great old photo of  4 witches sitting down for a cup of tea.
 Close up of the witches.  After he discovered he could layer color and still see all the under color, he used it on everything!
 My first piece in Class.  On a break, we went outside and Sid discovered a hidey hole behind one of the buildings.  We had to crouch down and shimmy against the walls of the building.  But once we got in to this hidden space, we found a lot of great found objects.  I used one of the pieces to create this texture.  I wish I knew Morris Code, I would have made it say something clever! (Maybe it does and I just don't know it!)
Close up of "Morris Code" I so wanted to add color but this piece just begged to be minimal
 This is the second piece I did.  I just wanted to experiment with texture and color.  I love what the wax does naturally.  I just added a small touch of color to bring out the beautiful texture of the wax.
 I love how this green in the crevices of the wax looks like toe moss that grows up at our cabin.
 I cant stop myself from adding blue and Orange (to every thing!)
Taking a note from Sid,  I also used an old image of a witch.  At first I was disappointed that the image did not transfer completely.  But after looking at the piece, I think it really adds to the old, worn look.  I dont think it would have worked if the image had been clean and complete.
Close up of transferred Image.  

I have a feeling things are going to heat up around here!  (With heat guns and hot plates)  What a great medium for the winter.  Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!!

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