Sunday, December 18, 2011

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I am so very excited to announce that my post will be featured on Inspiration Monday on the Ice Queen Blog, on Monday 12-19-11.  I was given the task of choosing 4-5 pix of what inspires me to create.  I looked back at past posts from other artist.  I found they had beautiful posts on a vast assortment of items (all very inspiring)  I chose to go a different route.  Instead of choosing individual items that inspire me, of which there are many,  I went with inspiring women. I have always had an admiration for women with a voice.  

My family moved away from grandmothers and aunts at a young age.  I would dream of a holiday filled with women cooking and crafting to ready the home for the holidays.  I often watched my mother, alone, prepare for the Holiday season.  

 so Instead of choosing holiday themed items for the post (that would have been the logical thing to do!!) I chose to post about what makes ME think of the holidays.  I chose women who touched lives, changed the rules and made there own way. 

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