Monday, December 19, 2011

New Ice Resin Piece

I found several cool old dolls at a local antique store.

I wanted to use it in a piece, but could not make a decision on HOW to use RESIN to the rescue.  I was able to make a mold of it and cast several of them.  This way I could use them in several different ways.  I tend to hoard precious items out of fear of using it the "wrong way"

It cast very fact too clear.  I aged it with stain and a bit of blue and green paint

I used SLK'S great "Birds Nest" wrap to hang it from.

I took some of the chain that came in my industrial Chic Booty.  (I was the recipient of a great box of goodies from a past drawing)  I got a great green/rust patina on the chain with Jax green and peroxide.  Its hard to see in this dim photo.  I have dreams of a new camera for Christmas.

I used an assortment of stashed gems, tea stained muslin, ribbon and leather to finish it off.  I like the outcome.  Im looking for other treasures to cast!!!

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