Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It it really almost Christmas?

I have been a bit slow at preparing for Christmas this year.  Tonight I completed my first gift!!! I keep saying "it just snuck up on me"  but the truth is, I just have not been "into"it.  I dont know what to get any one.  No one really NEEDS anything.  I have been setting up an encaustic stuido for my oldest son...I think that good enought!  It looks lie the younger son will get cash..which is all he wants anyway.  Miss Olive..well I have a closet full of toys, books and puzzles to choose from.  I think I will get my husband a new welder he has had his eye on..but other than that, I have been lost.  Then I looked down at my wrist and was reminded of a long forgotten request from my mother in law.  She has commented over the years on my bracelet.  She has asked several times if I could make her one...but it is always followed by "but no hurry"  Unfourtnaly, if you say "no hurry" to me..I take it an run with it!  I am always so busy that if I dont have a deadline, it will never get done.  So I got to work and made her a copy of mine.

        I think she will like it.  I like this design.  Its a good alternative to a silver chain.

One down....20 to go.  WalGreens is open late on Christmas eve right?  Stool softener and candy bars for everyone....merry Christmas!


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