Tuesday, March 6, 2012

a few new things

So I have a few new cast pieces I need to finish,  First I cast a squirrel.  Its really cute.  His tail is attached to an old soda lid.  I have a wierd strand of nut beads I think I  will use in some way

 They were originaly crystal clear so I had to distress them a bit.  I drilled small holes in them.  cut on them with an exact o knife and painted them with van dyke brown.  I added some family hints of pink to the ears, cheeks and hands,  It should be pretty funny when Im done.  I need a clever name.  Anny suggestions?  Ive been sewing a bag for each piece of jewelry.  O think I will try to sew an acorn or a tree.  Tree might be easier!

The Monkey is turning out pretty cool.  My son has a stone carved set of "see no evil, Hear no evil, and speak no evil"  I molded and then cast the "hear no evil monkey".  Casting the entire piece just gets to heavy, so he is hust 1/2  monkey.  His body is attached to an old rusty soda lid.  I may try to give him some funky recycled legs.  He hangs from a banner that states "lalalala...I cant hear you" less preachy don't ya think?

I need to think on this one a bit before I finish his necklace.  I have a feeling I might be wearing this one around a bit.  Im getting pretty tired of listening to every one else talk!  Its time I had a few things to say! Metaphorically speaking!  I feel Im a good listener, but lately all I hear is bitching. Like my sweet monkey, we don't need that shit!!!I want to listen to sweet, positive meaningful words.  Got any?

Have a great night

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