Monday, March 5, 2012

This is how I spend my last 12 hours!!!

I want to get some cool cast pieces before ARTFEST.  I have been working on this piece since about 5pm (Sunday)  I made a mold of a flying pig.  I then cast it in Ice Resin (of Course)  I used a cool old lid I found in a parking lot as the base of the pendant,  I riveted an old negative, some papers and some Ice resin paper on to the old lid.  I secured the flying pig to the center.  While I was waiting for it to dry, I have a metal Tag that states "Now What"  It was getting very late and I was a bit punch drunk (still am)  Ive always thought the saying was funny (when pigs fly)  my response is ""ok then what...Whats next?"  Its now 7AM and the sun is coming up so I dont think I will finish before bed!!  I have some cool pink Peruvian opals I have in mind,  I need to use piggie colors!  Ill post the fished piece soon.  Let me know what you think

I think it hard to tell it is a pig in the pictures.  Maybe I need to patina it a bit darker? any suggestions?

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