Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stuido Tour

This past weekend 15 artists celebrated our 10th Studio tour. It was great fun, but the sales were slow. I did well with sterling and bronze bangles and earrings, but my new work...well ...lets just say I received lots of comments. I guess not a lot of folks are looking for a large cast moose ring!!! In my small conservative town, we have lots of hunters. Every convenience store has 10+ gun, hunting or fishing magazines proudly displayed up front. I love the look of taxidermy, but not the thought of hunting the animals. I have been working on casting animals and mounting them to simulate a taxidermy mount. I like this work so I will continue with it. My goal has switched from simply making jewelry to sell to making art. Most of the comments were positive about the "art" but it was always followed with....but its not really practical. I did make a few sterling jackalope and roadrunner rings that were more palatable for the masses!!!!

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