Friday, July 19, 2013

Art Unraveled Charm Swap

  Art Unraveled was the  first Art Retreat I ever attended. 
 At the end of 2010, I set a goal for myself to become more involved in the larger art community.  I have been an artist (I use that term loosely!) for 21 years but did not mingle much outside of my small community.  My desire to reach out included blogging  ETSY (don't even check!) and to attend art retreats. 
 I spent the first part of 2011 writing a few posts on my blog and"thinking" what else I could do.  Mid year, I discovered the website for AU and took a chance.  I signed up for classes with people I already knew. (big Chicken)  and spent most evenings in my room.  The one night I ventured out, I met Rice freeman Zachery.  I know, how lucky could I get, the woman who wrote the Book on Art Retreats!!  This chance meeting was just what I needed.
 (rices post/  My post)  

I have since attended a few Art Retreats, but AU holds a special place in my heart.  I met amazing artists, I laughed, I cried and I came home with treasures I will cherish forever.
{Rice's Aprons and the best SLK necklace EVER! (Olive calls it "THE NECKLACE")}

AU 2013 is fast approaching and although I am not able to attend in person, I wanted to participate in some way.  So I signed up for the charm swap.

The Theam was "the Artist" the challenge was to make something that represented your work.  As I could not cast 50 animals in Ice Resin, I went with enameled disks.   The tentative count was 52 charms so that is what I started working on.  
 I made 104 domed bronze disks.  I enameled them, made Ice Resin paper, bronze head pins and painted paper to create my charm.   I completed 45 charms all together.


 The turquoise enamel is so much better in person than in the pix. 

Some of the Ice Resin paper is made with some German Text given to me in a workshop, some is done with  delicious linen French paper from 1726 and some is from a 1930's encyclopedia.  
I attached jump rings and a Moo card to each charm.  They are all wrapped up tight and ready to send out 
I sat in silence creating these charms and thought back to my experience at AU in 2011. Each charm is sent with love and creative wishes for the recipient.  
    I cant wait to see what I get in return. I will post pix as soon as they arrive.  

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