Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back from teaching at Idyllwild

Trying to recoup form teaching at Idyllwild in California.  linda mcnulty graciously invited me to be her assistant in her Santos making class.  We had a blast

The students were amazing

There work was spectacular.  Here are a few examples

The artist in class were so talented and produced amazing works. Thanks to all the ladies who took the class and allowed Linda and I to share this amazing experience with you.

Idyllwild is a private high school for the arts.  It has an amazing staff, campus and students.  The kids were so fun and it made me long to be a teen again.  Well maybe not emotionally!!!  But to be young and attend a school that fosters growth in creativity...what a blessing.  The setting was breathtaking.  Above is a picture of where graduation is held.  And Im told, a favorite hide away where young love blooms!( and staff patrols frequently!)  Linda and I even caught a gimps of a zombie (or a victim of a horribly kiln explosion....we couldn't decide)


  1. Hi Sandy! You were an absolutely AMAZING assistant and the Santos dolls wouldn't be what they are without your expertise in mixed media and fabric. It's funny how two casting artists (you and I) can be casting in the same materials and come up with such different casting methods. My technique of using rubber bands and plastic cup props was definitely usurped by your sure-fire method of putty patches and rice props! I am a believer! We had such a great time laughing (hysterically, no kidding!) and sharing stories!!!- and I learned soooooo much from you!- I cannot wait until we teach again-same time same place next year- but with the added benefit of a year's worth of experiments!!!! Thanks again xoxoxo Linda

  2. Hi Sandy, ... Linda, I second that emotion, Sandy you were so generous with your creativity. It was a wonderfull workshop, lots of nice people, laughs, fun, and good watermelon. There was a major fire in Idywilld some years back and the community bounced back, and will again. Sandy, I get so many compliments on the earrings, thank you. I got my Icd resin in the mail and have made a few small rubber molds. I will attempt to mix and pour tomorrow. Stay creative and keep posting. Shereen

  3. Sandy, I just took the Ice Resin from the molds. They came out wonderfull, perfect! I have poured some now with glitter, will take those out tomorrow. Again thanks to you and Linda. Shereen

  4. Shereen,
    So glad you are continuing to work with ice resin. You will find a ton of creative things to do with it


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