Sunday, July 28, 2013

LINDA.LINDA.LINDA oh how sneeky you are.. I got your number girl

So most of you know that Linda Mcnulty and I went to Idyllwild to teach her Santos cage doll class.  We had fun, we laughed, we cried.. We both had a great experience.  Unbeknownst  to me Linda had an underlying DIABOLICAL plan in the works all along.  I went to Idyllwild, first for the Delicious watermelon, and secondly to spend time with my great friend Linda.
Linda is cunning. she works her magic on you and you don't even know it is happening!!  All was well after Idelwill, for a few days.  Linda encouraged me to order a few boxes of sculpy to practice with...this is where she knew she had me!  Why could I not see it?
   A few days later my box arrived.  I can tell u exactly when it arrived,  It came to my door Thursday around 2 PM. My mother heard about this and arrived promptly at my door with other supplies/toaster oven. (Linda must have called her!) Boy that Linda is sneaky! After dinner, I opened a new box and started to play. I have not been able to put it down! Its like a drug.  I have watched the sun come up (and go down) over the last 3 days;  I am silly from sleep deprivation, and it just makes me want to do more sculpting!  Linda did such an amazing job teaching form and technique, I have been able to replicate it at home.  I just took the last piece out of the over and it is cooling.  If I I go to bed right now, I could sleep 2 hours, get up and start working on it again! 

So Linda, your seedy little plan has worked, I'm totally hooked on sculpting forms.  So I will task you with coming up with a way of dealing with all the sculpts I will soon have!

Here are a few samples:

 Don't worry about his infected ear.  I'm a nurse,he/she IS ALREADY ON an ANTIBIOTIC.  In my haste to get them out of the oven,I broke THEM OFF.  I attempted to fix with apoxie cast. Looks gross but I think it will work

 THIS GUY IS A TRAGEDY, I PAINTED HIM WHITE spray paint TO get a good canvas TO WORK FROM... IT WAS A BIG MISTAKE.  Still wet and tacky after 2 days.  Looks like S#^T also, MORAL: don't use spray paint on raw sculpy!

The Following Pictures are for ADULTS ONLY

Here sits the biggest tragedy of all.  This is what happens around 2am after 3 days of no sleep and huffing Sculpy!

You have been warned

I like the sculpt.  I just lost my mind.  I watched 10 painting videos (By pros) and thought it looked so easy.  I did not however follow there professional advice.  I did this with dull broken colored pencils.  They may have mentioned the importance of having a razor sharp point,  but that seemed extraneous information at the time.

So there you go. 

Lindas Master plan to have me live alone in a horded house with nothing but bad sculpts is well on its way!!! 

I love you Linda, What a gift you have given me.  I can use this in my jewelry, mixed media/recycling And ASSEMBLAGE  SO THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY EMPTY SCULPTY BOX

I hope all the girls are having as much fun sculpting as I am.  Set up a yahoo group so we can swap tricks and technique.  

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  1. Ooohhhh, So much fun... Made my laughs for the day and probably for days to come....Yeppp, Was quite a workshop.. I think I remember Linda saying that at some point walk away from the piece and then come back :). Sandy, this must have been so much fun for you to bring such laughter into a sculpture.. Best Wishes, Shereen


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