Friday, November 8, 2013

Heartfelt Home on Ice Resin Blog

color on metal

You can check out my Heartfelt home at the  Ice Resin Blog.  It has all the information you need on how to make this sweet little house


  1. Hi Sandy! I was looking at all the beautiful projects on the Ice Resin Blog, which lead me to yours. I love this necklace!! It's gorgeous. I was just wondering if you can use water based acrylics on the heart and/or house or should I only stick with oil based paint? Thank you!!

  2. Thanks for stoping by Laura, you can use ANYTHING if you prep the metal and plan on sealing both sides. if you only plan on sealing one side, I always sand a bit of the paint off around the edges, just so the resin can adhere better. I used oil and gilders paste because thats what I had with me but Ice Resin will create a glass like finish that will protect anything underneath. hope this helps. Happy house building!!


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