Friday, November 8, 2013

Rue Blog Hop

Rue Romantique Kristen Robinson ICE Resin

Christmas ornament Rue Romantique Blog Hop

T’was many days before Christmas and I was planning my list
of sweet gifts to make and ornaments of bliss.
I’d need resin — clear ICE, and bezel from Rue
 for that Romantique look, so Victorian and true!
I’d need rhinestones and charms and oh so pretty papers
photos of loved ones up and down through the ages.
My kitchen table is full of my tools:
jewelry pliers, paint brushes and magical glue.
Wait! I need glitter and scissors and such
I’ll invite a friend over! A working coffee clutch!
Lovely things will appear as as we laugh and create
our Rue Romantique Christmas is going to be great!
Today visit Kristen Robinson,Jen Crossley,Cindy cima Edwards and Cindi Bisson for some great Christmas inspiration.
Tomorrow, You can look forward to these ornaments:(Saturday, Nov. 9)

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