Sunday, June 17, 2012

I haven't posted in quite a bit just because I have been soooo busy.  My biggest accomplishment over the last few weeks has been the annual fund raiser for the downtown art walk. Each year Liz Stannard and I work very hard on a fundraiser in the spring.  I had an Idea 4 years ago to do a deck of cards.  We were able to get 54 pieces of fantastic art to sell from lots of local artist, but due to lack of funds, we were not able to get an actual deck of cards printed.  This year, when discussing the fund raiser, Liz encouraged me to attempt the deck of cards again but this time we had the funds to print the deck.  Elisabeth Isenburg works for the city suggested that we tie the project in with the centennial.  New Mexico has its 100th birthday this year.  A great Idea was born.  We had unbelievable participation from the art community.  Elizabeth was able to get the deck printed for us at an affordable price.  See Art Deck here.
She ordered 300 decks.  We started the sale at 5pm and we were sold out by 6:15.  We were also selling the actual art work.  I think we sold 21 pieces of art!  Each piece is 8X10 and sold for $50.  Its a great way for people to get a piece of art at a great price. 
My piece (top) is fabric and I used Images of Georgia O'Keeffe.  Brian Barlow, Sidney Martin and Ken Collins. 
If anyone is interested in a deck of cards, we are placing a 2nd order and will have more cards soon.  The cards are $12.  If your interested in any of the actual art (all posted on Facebook) let me know and I can hook you up!  Again each piece is only $50!!!


Michael Darmaty. 
 My son purchased this piece.  He was so excited, it is the first piece of art he had ever purchased! (usually I buy the art and he offers to hang it it his room!)

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