Monday, June 25, 2012

some new work

I have been so busy, I have just been posting old stuff over.  Thats a cop-out.  I have made 2 new pieces.  I was keeping them quiet as Im not sure what will happen with them.  Art Doll Quartley had a call for book charters.  The challenge was to create one of your favorite charters from literature. 
I chose Christopher robin from Winne the Pooh.  I made a beautiful rain cloud, with the words "tut tut it looks like rain", I made a sweet umbrella from paper and wire and....that's where the good ideas ended.  I wont even show  you they attempts at the actual doll.  I made him from cloth, I made him from clay, I made him from everything I could find in the hundred acre forest with no success.  So I abandoned the idea of the challenge.

 Days later Olive asked me to read her one of her favorite book Everything on it.  This book was published after shels death by his children.  It is full of quintasensial silverstein poems and illistrations.  Lightbulb.  I love his quarquey drawings and charters.  So I attempted to do his drawings justice by bringint them to life

Original Pix used as inspiration

I made a cloth doll in the shape of a carrot.  His hair is made of lots of different green fabrics.  I made 2 smaller carrots to stick in his eyes.  I painted his face to appear more realistic, but I forgot to take a final pix.  I sent them on there way. 

I also did a smaller piece that is more of a wall hanging.  The original looks like this:

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