Monday, June 25, 2012

Me...a world traveler...well not just yet

Back in May, I applied for a passport.  I have a trip to France planed for fall.  I have traveled a bit throughout the US, Mexico and  Hawaii, but never to anywhere that required a passport.  I was giddy with excitement when the package arrived just a few short days later.  I expected this to take much longer.  I could hardly contain myself while ripping open the priority mail envelope.  I felt a book in there so I was confident it was not a "sorry we could not approve your passport"  note. 
A bench mark in my life.  This tiny book will open so many doors.  I have always enjoyed traveling, just for the sake of the adventure.  And now with this little blue book, the world is at my feet...where to go first?  where to go  next.. plans spin in my head.
I open the little blue book and immediately become sentimental, like when I spent time in Washington DC.  Proud to be an American...Connected to our forefathers...  The drawings and stories inside really hit home on the sacrifices others have made to give me this opportunity.  The photo was not as bad as I expected either!  With tears in my eyes and adventure in my heart, I read every bit of personal information on the first page. ( insert the sound of a needle scraping on a record) The horror, oh the horror M...does that mean male?  maybe to the government M means female?  they do thisgs ass backwards right? everywhere in the world.  M does mean male.  So now I have my long awaited passport that documents Im male. 
So now I must fill out a name/sex change form and send everything back in.  I hope it goes smooth, otherwise I will start working on having my drivers licenses changes to match the passport.  Male/Female I just want to see France!!! 

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